Ayurveda for Athletes

Whether you're a runner, a cyclist, a basketball, tennis or golf player, a member of your national team, or simply a high performer trying to get the best results, Ayurveda and Yoga can help you. Their combined time-tested wisdom and methods can help you stay balanced and healthy so you can perform your best.

Working with personalized nutrition, medicinal herbs, daily and seasonal routines, as well as by tailoring the bodywork you do depending on your physical and mental constitution can prove incredibly effective when chasing a new personal best.

Join us or reach out and learn how Ayurveda and Yoga can help you boost your performance and speed up your regeneration.

Weekly Yoga (Tues. 7PM)


This weekly Yoga4Athletes class makes Real Yoga accessible to as many athletes and high performers as possible in a language we can all relate to and understand.


Every Tuesday at 7PM (BER time) athletes are given the opportunity to practice with Jonas by joining a community of multi-sport high performers on Zoom. We come together to practice Yoga in sessions specifically tailored to meet an athlete's needs.

Are you in a different time zone or simply busy at this particular hour? Don't worry. All sessions are recorded and sent to registered participants for up to 72 hours after the Live class so you can practice at your own pace.

Get in touch for special deals for groups bigger than five athletes.
All specifics and sign up info through the links below!


Ayurvedic Consultation


Our regular Zoom classes are a great way to start integrating some of the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga into our life and practice. But as amazing as this can be, the deeper aspects and wisdom of these traditions were never  meant to be taught in group environments. When we want to dive deeper into what's holding us back or figure out how to make deeper progress, an individual approach is best. A personalized one-on-one Ayurvedic assessment with Jonas is the answer. 

Reach out and book your personal Ayurvedic consultation now (ca. 60 minutes). Together, we will analyze your daily routines, medical history, nutrition patterns, preferences and dislikes to get to know the real you, your Ayurvedic constitution, and set out a more balanced roadmap.

You will receive detailed recommendations that will help you bring balance back into your life, as well as personalized tips on food, daily routines, the use of herbs and helpful techniques, as well as a prerecorded Yoga class tailored specifically to your needs. The price for the initial assessment is €179. Any additional follow-up assessment €119.




Yoga4Athletes Retreats


For us athletes, training camp is the highlight of the year. After months of monotonous training, we get a change of scenery, vibe, location. With a group of like-minded sport-nuts, we go places that offer us the perfect conditions for training and do nothing but train and socialize with people that share the passion for professional sports.

Now imagine this infused with a daily dose of Ayurveda and Yoga so the wisdom of Asana, Meditation, or Yoga Nidra can further support what, when, and how we train!


This is what our Yoga4Athletes Retreats bring to the table. Wanna know more about next year's retreat? Sign up for our newsletter below and be among the first to be notified!