What is Soul Reading?

Though the name sounds esoteric and strange, Soul Reading is basically an in-depth dialogue or conversation with the innermost part of yourself facilitated by someone else. That someone else is me.

In a typical Soul Reading session, your deeper Self ––your Soul–– will speak to you through me, so you may listen to what it truly needs and longs for. The session starts with me asking for permission to look within you by means of my sixth sense ––my third eye or inner vision. The intention is to check your overall  physical, mental and spiritual state to select which particular Truths you need to be made aware of at that specific point.


You can think of it as full-body energy reading. If there is a blockage somewhere, it'll come to the surface so you may know how best to work on it. Knowledge is power; and that's what a Soul Reading session gives you.


"Before my first session with Alba I had a lot of questions. I feel like she looked into my unconscious to help me figure out some stuff and let go of things that don’t serve me. This helped me make a final decision about my present, has taken pressure off my chest and helped me release muscular pain and tension. I feel more relaxed about my future, which helps me enjoy the present. I’ve recommended her sessions to several friends and I've just heard very positive, eye-opening stories!"


-Florentine, Germany

How does it work?


Each session normally comprises both relaxation and deep breathing so you may be in the right frame of mind to listen to whatever needs to be heard.


By means of light touch and sometimes sound, past, present and future events, personal relationships, physical ailments and mental sorrows may come to the surface, together with bits of inspiring wisdom and practical tips. Whatever is revealed during a session is designed to jumpstart the process of your Soul's transformation by giving you the tools necessary for the journey.

I perform all sessions in person only, so you may feel accompanied and supported through the entire process of self-discovery and transformation. There is ethical responsibility in being the means of other people's transformation and I take my part in this very seriously. All information unearthed within a session is strictly confidential.

The fee per session is €100.