• Acebe

Walking the Talk: Blank Canvas, New Leaf

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Life is a mystery, one that when lucky unfolds slowly, albeit with a few hiccups, much like a good novel: page after page, chapter upon chapter.And change, one of life's prerogatives, has a way of sneaking up on us.

Often enough, we fail to pay attention to change as it starts unraveling because we're too busy living life; until one day, all of a sudden, the realization of change dawns upon us and we awake to the perception of things having transformed pretty much overnight. What once was is no more (at least not fully) and something else ––a new version of ourselves even–– is our new reality now.

This has been the case for us in the pasts two months since heading back to Europe. The decision to come 'home' and go through the whole Covid-19 health shenanigans closer to our loved ones was made in a rush. As such, it wasn't perfect though it felt right. We didn't think about what would come afterwards, or where we would stay at once in Europe, or how long we'd be staying here for. We just left Bali with most of our belongings, did what felt right at the time, and that was that. But just like that, unbeknown to us, a larger process of change was already under way and that process would, a mere two months later, see us making the decision to stay put in Europe and begin a new chapter here. So this is us saying goodbye to 'mama Bali' with all its overflowing beauty, ready to allow new leaves to sprout.

As with all new chapters, specially those you're not prepared for in advance, there's both equal amounts of excitement and respect: excitement for all the new lessons and opportunities for change and transformation that this new situation will offer and respect because, at the end of the day, we don't really know what's to come. But as mentioned in last week's blog entry by our friend Pelin, there's beauty in not knowing and the one requisite to realize it is to not let fear take over and learn to accept our situation with a calm and welcoming heart.

So this is how after many months of writing and 'preaching' about the science and the philosophy of Yoga and all the pieces of advice the good old sages have for us on how to beat fear and conquer insecurity and sadness, it is time to trust in life's inexhaustible wisdom, activate the power of intention, and truly 'walk the talk.'

What the future holds is, as of this moment, a mystery, but our goals and vision remain untouched: to live a life full of heartfelt connection, continuous learning, embodied teaching, constant inquiry, and service both to ourselves and to others. To that we have to add a few exciting new projects and events already on their way for this upcoming summer...