Stranded in Paradise

Half a year has gone by since ACEBE settled down in Indonesia and we thought a bit of casual blogging might be in place for a change; so forgive us if this week’s entry is a bit more on the ‘fluffy’ side of things. We are also humans and sometimes we do need a break. And what a break! Because this entry is being written from a place nothing short of paradise, so we hope the exotic touristy touch makes up for the fluffiness!

Gili Meno

A few weeks ago, we felt that a holiday break was in order even for those who, like us, already live in a holiday destination; so, ‘swimsuit and backpack mode' turned on, ACEBE made its way to the gorgeous Gili Islands.

A few hours East of Bali, the Gili offer the type of respite that we really longed for at this point in time. So we’ll be here until the end of the week and our plan is to have absolutely no plan whatsoever; just walk around, read lots, enjoy whatever the plant-based treats the ‘Gilian cuisine’ may offer, and sunbathe under the summer sun ready to splash like floating coconuts into the pristine turquoise water.

After half a year living in mainland Bali, one thing you get to appreciate more and more is the quiet –going into full rest and digest mode. That and non waste-infused land and water. We will be soon posting an entry on our impressions on the problem of pollution and waste management in underdeveloped countries like Indonesia; but in the meantime, let's jus say that being able to enjoy a day out with the absence of loud music, construction noise, tourists pre-partying next door, leftovers of garbage at the beach or in the ditches, or the crazy and hectic sound of incredibly overcrowded roads is a luxury that living in the periphery of Canggu does not often afford. And as the summer rolls on and Bali slowly fills up with more and more tourists, a week-long getaway in a more remote and empty destination like the Gili is like a life raft in the middle of a rainstorm: you just hold on to it with nails and toes!

The truth is that the past few weeks have been packed with things for the both of us to the point that we felt we needed an actual break from Bali, if only to take stock and recharge. Jonas, for example, was full-on teaching some sections of the last 200-hour teacher training at The Practice, giving his first ‘solo’ workshop on Restorative Yoga, getting ready to begin teaching a new monthly meditation crash course starting end of August, and being overall his busy-busy self teaching and learning new ‘Yoga stuff.’ Meanwhile, aside from her usual Vedic Counseling load and her writing, Alba took part on another intensive Tantric Hatha Yoga teacher training to learn about the answers of the Tantric tradition to some of the more mystical and abstract questions assailing her electric mind. So… having some time to slow down, reconnect to the self, and gather new strength and inspiration is a real blessing.

To top it all off, this is also the week of the year when Jonas turns (even!) older. Seriously! So the plan is to welcome the new trip around the sun for this dedicated and magnetic soul with a lovely sunset picnic at Gili Trawangan. That and, of course, a bit of boogie under the stars. Until then, we’ll be making the most of our days in Gili Meno, enjoying the hell out of every cozy, quiet moment under the

Indonesian sun.

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For those of you who may never have heard of these three little islands, the Gili are known for their lovely simplicity and tranquil vibes (except for Trawangan). This is partly so because their regional government has banned all motorized traffic (except for a few electric motorbikes); and so, transportation in the islands is either on foot, by horse, or bike. Most accommodations also espouse a conscious philosophy and offer incredibly nice options for a very reasonable price.

The three islands are small enough that you can easily walk around their perimeter in approximately two and half hours and they offer some of the nicest scuba-diving and snorkelling spots you can find in this latitude. This being tortoise season, you can only imagine how stoked we are! The picture above is a testament to how peaceful and lovely this here can be.

So, overall, we are quite happy and super, super thankful for this first half of the year living in Indonesia with all the changes, teachings, and challenges it has brought. This life that we are living right now is precious and fleeting and surprising, so we want to honour its profound wisdom by making sure to consciously enjoy every busy, and relaxing moment as much as we possibly can!

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