Swimming downstream and being grateful!

Though most of you haven’t probably noticed, this week we hit our two year mark! That’s right, ACEBE is up and running since late April 2017! WOHOO!! We thought some celebration was appropriate, so here's an entry to say thank you, whoever and wherever you are!

Happy 2 anniversary to ACEBE, at the beach in Bali!

We started (and remain) real humble: with a Facebook page mainly followed by our friends and family and a handful of actual students; and though we haven’t yet quite grown into the thousands, we believe that 'complete world takeover' is just a matter of time! Jokes apart, two years ago, we didn't really know the direction things would take so we did a bit of everything: some ‘yoga im park’ sessions over the summer, some meditation and pranayama, a bit of personal training, some running and endurance coaching, workshops and personalized bundles, some race preparation… quite the mix. This required a lot of hustling to barely make it, as well as devoting numerous evenings and weekends to dropping hundreds of fliers in and around Berlin by bike. The number of ACEBE postcards with our face on them that must have dissolved under the rain in the windshield of a random car…

Then came the shameful Facebook spamming so everybody we knew would click ‘like’ on our page and tell their friends to come ‘do yoga with us’! Sorry as we are for it, it was, and remains, a necessary part of the process, so you can rest assured there’ll be plenty more of that. If you haven’t yet 'liked us,' make a thing of it right now and spare yourself the discomfort of receiving a personalized 'please like us' request from us.

In all truth, beginnings are never easy and in many ways how we started mirrored the reality of our lives at the time: we had a lot of different interests and information, full-time jobs that were completely unrelated to the project and consumed a lot of our most productive hours, a great deal of passion for the things we were trying to get up and running, but no actual focus. So, the ACEBE project was initially condemned to the periphery of our lives; to be a side-gig, something we really wanted but weren’t fully committed to –not really. We call this part of the project ‘the swimming upstream part.’ You know, that part where you know you really believe in your idea, and have something to share with others, and want to get it out there as soon as possible, but fail to see ‘the no tension path.’ So your eagerness turns into a bit of a curse, to be honest, and you end up choosing a road full of bumps and parts unpaved which make you tyres go flat now and again and have you question the feasibility of your beloved project on the regular... That was us. We’re sure you're somewhat familiar with the notion because most of us do ‘upstream swimming’ at some point in our life. We insist on disregarding the signals we get from our surroundings that point perhaps to the need to take a breather and rethink our strategy –or else, go in a completely different direction– and commit to permanently struggling as our go-to method to attain whatever we think we want.

The truth is, there’s always more than one way to achieve our objectives even if it's sometimes hard to see it. All it takes, sometimes, is for us to pop our head out of the smoke of our 'obsessions' to take some fresh air for just a second, gain a bit of distance to look beyond the immediate present, and realize a less straining path.

For us, things took a turn when we decided to set up the website. Though this was an older version of the one we now have, we could say that this was a key step for us in eventually finding our focus. Like an old camera objective that just takes a few extra miliseconds to really center around its target –that’s how it was for us. With the website came the (re)definition of our goals, the mid- to long-term objectives, our message, and brand, not to mention a few embarrassing ‘the faces behind ACEBE photo sessions’ we still resort to now and then to get the message across…

The ACEBE blog soon followed, and with it, regular entries on everything that was and is important for us: from stuff on consciousness and the universe, to posts on Ayurveda, energies, philosophy, healthy living, movement, yoga, breathing, awareness, and life in general. This is when we realized that there are thousands of yoga brands out there offering pretty much the same product, but not many putting themselves out there consistently to share what's really important for them in life. So we decided to go with quality over quantity –even if that could sometimes mean delivering 'less,' to actually give out more.

Which brings us to the present moment: the 'swimming downstream' part! That part where you know where you stand and you feel good about it, and instead of fighting like a maniac against the current to make things flow exactly how you'd want them, you learn to use your intuition and feel the greater picture, easing into the natural flow of the waters of your life. With our first newsletter just out –don’t forget to subscribe!– and our relocation to Bali, we have learnt to take little leaps of faith here and there and prioritize what’s most important in the present moment for us. And trust us, it ain’t easy to keep one’s head cool and focused in the midst of a storm of messages intent on having us live our life competing to be successful and garnering as many (irrelevant) certificates as possible to proof that we are ‘a qualified this or that.’ Don’t get us wrong, it’s cool to learn, grow, explore, and expand; but not every training or course out there is worth the money and sometimes one’s attention and efforts are better spent learning to become better at being fully and truly who you already are. So that's our current 'default mode,' if you want.

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The big lesson from these past two years has been learning to surrender to the will of the universe and trust its (and our) overall plan. We are, indeed, still working on getting better at doing this because changes of worldview of this dimension take time; but we really believe that the universe has a plan for us and that we’ll eventually make it to wherever it is we are supposed to make it perfectly on time. So, in the meantime, we’ll remain true to the honesty and simplicity of what we have to offer and trust that this will be good enough of a presentation card.

All that remains for us, then, is to thank you for being there, whatever the way you choose to engage with us and our message. We toast to many more years of conscious sharing and conscious yoga, and remain grateful for your support and trust so far!

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