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Meet The Practice Bali's New Yoga Teacher: Jonas Plass

Jonas Plass goes to Bali

Good things happen to those that put their heart into what they do and work truly hard for it, specially when they do so in alignment with a higher sense of purpose! So it's really amazing for us to share with you all that acebe will be relocating to Canggu, Bali, for the next couple years to see how Jonas Plass rocks the mat full-time at The Practice Bali –an incredible yoga studio expertly run by experienced yogi Octavio Salvado and team.

After his last training there this year, Jonas is now officially certified as a RYT500 Tantric Hatha Teacher. Following in the footsteps of his teachers and of the Sri Vidya lineage, Jonas will be sharing his practice on and off the mat, ready to learn as much as possible in this new chapter of his life.

We recently published an entry on the benefits of embracing change while remaining curious and open to all that life has to offer even when change seems slightly scary, so these news really fit in with that theme. And while we are incredibly excited and surprised at this unexpected turn of events, we are also a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we must see to in the next few weeks to make the relocation smooth and easy. So, if you're curious about our current schedule in Berlin, please check the homepage or Facebook group. We will be updating the latest class details there as well as any potential changes.

Still, for those of you with an adventurous streak, we will also be updating Jonas' Bali schedule for 2019 on the website soon, so that you can begin planning your drop-in by one of his classes and then head fully replenished to enjoy snorkeling or surfing at the island.

Happy news to begin closing another amazing year alive on this planet!


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