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And what if your vibe attracts your tribe?

There are few idioms out there as catchy as the popular “your vibe attracts your tribe.” We normally use it as a figure of speech not thinking much about the meaning behind it, but careful consideration reveals that there’s a great deal of wisdom condensed in such a short piece of jargon. In today’s entry, we explore the ‘reverberations’ of this hip saying to expose the ways in which how you actually ‘vibrate’ can truly shape the world (and the people) around you.

Positive mindset equals good vibes

There is a tendency nowadays to analyze the interconnectedness of our lives mainly in relation to novel forms of technology and the ways in which these have transformed (tele)communications over the past few decades. But beyond the connectedness brought forth by technology, our lives are primarily bound together by the very interrelatedness of the ecosystems we inhabit and the ‘frequencies’ of the entities living in them.

We’ve said it before: reality –aka, ourselves, the world we live in, and the rest of the things existing in it– is nothing but matter (things like atoms and even smaller particles) moving, or vibrating, at different rates of speed or frequencies. For those of us with a somewhat flaky

Physics background, it takes a while to wrap our heads around this one because we are not used to analyzing reality with capital ‘R’ in such an abstract, materialist fashion. But once you do, you begin to realize that the whole ‘vibe-tribe effect’ is much more literal than first imagined.

One of the easiest examples to illustrate this point is the importance of having a positive mindset or positive outlook on life. Studies undertaken here and there over the decades have consistently proven that individuals who define themselves as ‘happy’ –that is, content and positive-minded– have a higher likelihood of bonding or surrounding themselves with similarly ‘happy people,’ in turn influencing those around them in a similar direction. Put differently: happy people create happier people, and what’s not to like about that?!

Just think about your own life for a minute and tell us if it’s not a thousand times more pleasant and stimulating to be around happy people than around ‘Negative Nelly’ types. The implications of this type of ‘good vibes’ are far more relevant than you would expect, particularly when you consider that a great part of your life’s stressors are mainly stressors first and foremost in your own head –they do not exist in the world of the material as yet. Positivity or ‘good vibes’ can have a drastic effect on your health, and not only when physical/mental disease has already manifested.

Allowing negative thoughts to linger for too long has the ability to influence a number of metabolic processes –from the activity of the nervous system, to hormonal secretions, brain behavior, even organ behavior– that can completely transform your take on life and thus your decisions, your interactions with others, and also your health. If, on the contrary, your efforts are placed on banishing negativity altogether or, at least, stopping its spinning wheel whenever it arises, you’re much more likely to view life in a different light, and thus, to find more positivity as well in your daily interactions. And how is this positivity triggered or manifested, you may be wondering? Through your vibrations, that’s how!

Indeed, in everyday life, we use a number of figures of speech that go to show the degree to which, in subtle ways, our physical and emotional ‘antennas’ have been attuned to perceiving people’s vibrations as a survival strategy for quite a while. When someone in a bad mood enters the office, a stranger stares at you intently from a distance, or someone gives ‘that strange vibe’ that doesn’t quite seem right, many of us can feel the sensation (even the emotion) long before any visual or verbal interaction has been exchanged. The world of Physics tells us that frequencies and wavelengths can influence and alter each other when in proximity, which serves as an adept metaphor for the way in which positive and negative emotions and sensations are so rapidly spread.

This doesn’t mean that happy people or positive emotions always trigger the like. That would be too easy a generalization to make for something that is, in the end, a much more complex phenomenon. But the likelihood of you being happier or of triggering positive emotions on yourself and others is higher when your focus rests on the good and positive side of things.


Like triggers like

In our own experience, ever since we decided to take a turn into a life of awareness and conscious living and be more mindful about everything we already have and embody, we have been experiencing a great enhancement of our relationships with others and with our surroundings. Perhaps this is so because we are now more conscientious too about the activities we engage in. This may explain why we are coming across so many like-minded individuals, people from all walks of life and parts of the world, that share a passion for ethical living and that have incredibly enriching inner worlds. The ‘vibe-tribe effect’ does seem to work!

Again, this is not to say that the so-called ‘law of attraction’ always works, or that positive thoughts always generate positive outcomes. Again, it isn’t quite so simple as that! But it is true that, when you put your focus on the brighter side of things, you’re much more likely to see the changes you expect happen than otherwise. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid dealing with negative emotions or never dwell on the darker side of things. Negative emotions are, indeed, a vital part of life, one that can help you grow into a more mature and appreciative type of being. It means, however, that moderation is key. We have already dropped a few lines here and there in the past on this topic, but promise to deliver a full entry on it very soon. Until then, let’s just agree that Monty Python says it best, and take his cue on this!

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