• Acebe

Half way through our two months in Bali!

As we reach the equator of our time here in Bali, we think a second photo gallery with some stills of the time spent in the island is completely in order! We have, indeed, reached the halftime of our time in this paradise and are, so far, very happy with everything we have had the chance to experience and learn since our arrival.

Alba has in fact already concluded her training and left beautiful Ubud to meet with Jonas in Canggu. The two places could not be more different, however. Ubud can just be defined as 'spiritual central,' while Canggu is a nice surfers' spot full of music and life!

Jonas still has two more weeks to go before he's fully free to roam the island as he pleases, which means that in the meantime, Alba will be doing some solo traveling that might still yield a possible third photo gallery post.

Overall, both our trainings have so far been really enriching and nothing short of amazing, and we feel much more knowledgeable and ready to head back home and share these new bits of wisdom with you all. Until then, enjoy the pictures, and don't forget to love each and every single moment of your day!

Happy weekend!


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