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Welcoming change. Acebe in Bali!

Some changes are voluntary and others simply happen whether we like it or not. As we were getting ready the last few weeks for our trip to Bali to continue our education with different yoga teacher trainings in the new yoga capital of the world, we thought a lot about conscious and unconscious change and how it is often those changes we do not foresee the ones that have the ability to make us grow the most.

For example, we both took a great leap of faith in choosing to take time off of everything back in Europe and re-arrange things in such a way as to be able to come to Asia for a long period to follow our hearts and devote time to ourselves and our passion. Not to mention the type of economic effort a leap like this often requires! And we did so with no guarantees. No guarantees of finding whatever it is we are looking for during our journey here to begin with, and no guarantees of finding what we have just left behind upon our return to Berlin. But hey, life is just like that. You have to first gamble to be able to get a chance at winning at all! And sometimes, you do have to lose some to win some.


So whatever the outcomes of our time in Bali and of our decisions during the past few months, we choose to stay hopeful and welcome change any way it comes. Still, stepping out of your comfort zone to embrace something new and unforeseen so as to learn new things is always scary. It takes courage and determination and, why not, a bit of stupidity on occasion! This is never more true than when changes aren't necessarily pleasant. Because stepping out of your comfort zone often forces you to learn to make do with whatever you're given, and to remain solid yet flexible. Like a bamboo cane or, as in the pictures shown above, a strand of grass moved here and there by the wind in one of those beautiful Ubud rice fields.

At least in this particular occasion we had the chance to choose the change we wanted to become! We leave you with a few stills from Bali and its incredible exuberance, hoping you will find them pleasurable. See you next week with a much juicier blog entry from ACEBE!

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