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Create some 'Me Time'

Student A: ‘How do you find the time to work out?

Student B: You do yoga everyday? How do you manage that?

Student C: ‘I am way too busy to fit 3-running sessions a week

… Does any of this sound familiar?

As yoga teachers and personal trainers, not a week goes by where we’re not confronted with one of these excuses; because, though it may sound somewhat harsh, this is exactly what they are. But let’s not be dramatic. We get it; sometimes it’s just hard to find the time. So, let’s be proactive and figure out some solutions to create some very much needed ‘Me Time.’

The basics are simple: We all have the same amount of time. Our weeks all have 7 days

of 24 hours each, though it’s also true that they can sometimes seem to be much shorter... But time, anyway you look at it, is the same for all of us; which goes on to show that one of the most important tips one can share with you is to teach you how to be smarter about how you organize your time.

Indeed, finding the time for healthier routines ain’t always easy, but perhaps this is more a question of better prioritizing than a time-management thing. Think about if for a minute: What is really more important than you and your own wellbeing? Whether you’re a working mom, a business type, or someone juggling jobs to make ends meet, the benefits of stepping aside for a few minutes now and then and finding a bit of time to take care of yourself cannot be overemphasized.

Still, we are aware that tradition dictates that we have to be polite and pretend our wishes and priorities come in last; otherwise, we risk being tagged as ‘self-centered’ or ‘egoistic.´ But if truth be told, there’s nothing as important as investing time on your own physical, emotional, and spiritual peace of mind. Ever heard of the phrase Know Thyself? Add a Love Yourself to that!

For us, the equation is easy: When you are healthy, balanced, and intellectually well-nourished, your entire environment profits from it. Again, we all have the same amount of time, what differs is our discipline in making time for ourselves and sticking to what we plan. So, our advice is to make your ‘Me time’ an non-negotiable priority. To treat it with as much respect as you would treat any other important appointment. To put it into your calendar, if that is a thing you do. To find your strategy, whatever this may look like, and commit to yourself first thing.


In case this still doesn't cut it, think of getting a personal trainer, someone to motivate you and help you get to the point where an initial bit of effort turns into second nature. Many of our clients actually mention that having us by their side also helps making it harder for them to find excuses to cancel on their ‘oh-so-important Me time.’ Alternatively, you may want to join a group activity. Experts agree that group exercising boosts motivation, making working out not only more entertaining, but also easier to maintain over time.

Of course, you don’t have to start ´all in´ and find ‘Me Time’ everyday, though that would of course be ideal. The most important thing is to establish a routine at least once or twice a week and stop yourself from asking questions which may actually prevent you from working out. So next time you’re about to ask yourself ‘do i really feel like working out today?’ screw that! Get your trainers from the closet and go out for a short bike ride!

The key is getting started and finding out what you really like. Is it a bit of yin yoga to stretch and relax? Perhaps some tantric meditation to calm you down? Or instead some running or core exercises to burn inner anger and re-energize? Whatever it may be, all you need is to do it a couple times before you can observe the first results. This will definitely motivate you to keep going and make it easier and easier as the days go by.

Trust us: active inspiration creates momentum. So find that 30-, 60-, or even 90-minute time slot, that moment of 100% just Me-myself-and-I Time, and realize how much you can achieve with such a small change to the way you organize daily life.

And don’t forget it: if the going gets tough, here we are!

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