ACEBE is a lineage-base Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda initiative based in Germany. Our project was born out of a desire to help others lead happier, more balanced and fulfilling lives. We are two certified Tantric Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda teachers with a passion for all things yogic and spiritual. On a mission to help others find their centre, we make ancient Tantric Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda methods and techniques approachable so you can experience real Yoga today.


And what do we mean by ‘real Yoga’? The kind of Yoga spanning several thousand years of history and that truly takes you inwards. A Yoga experience that goes beyond physical poses to connect you with the wealth of who you really are deep within. We follow the teachings of the Sri Vidya lineage and the Himalayan Institute as taught to us by our teachers.

ACEBE —the Zulu term for ‘the richest’— is a form of immaterial wealth essential for personal fulfilment. We believe that true wealth is always already at our disposal, requiring only the ability to identify harmful patterns and behaviors and implement new routines to enhance our wellbeing.


The route we take in helping you develop healthier habits can vary because different people require different approaches, which explains why we put so much effort into devising the best strategy for you. From one-on-one Ayurveda Consultations, to Yoga sessions, group classes, meditation, workshops, intensives, Vedic counseling, or retreats, our offerings are designed to tap into your mind, body, and spirit to ignite healthy balance.